Am I Gifted?

Growing up in an environment that familiarized the Gospel to me was a huge blessing but also came with a great opportunity to become complacent. I don’t regret a single second of being enrolled in a Christian elementary, middle, and high school; however, I regret the times I took it for granted. The Lord graciously … More Am I Gifted?

Have It All.

wow. what. a .year. it’s crazy to think how fast the years are flying by but even crazier to really look back at all the little details that each one had within it. this year has by far been one of my craziest. i left what was familiar for what was totally new. lost more … More Have It All.

Ears to Hear.

Think about the last time you gave up on something or said, “I can’t do this”, whether it was expressed verbally or nonverbally. Why do we feel like we have to give up or that we can not do things? Well for me it is usually because at some point I allowed the enemy to creep … More Ears to Hear.


Okay, seriously, is there anyone who actually enjoys waiting? In any circumstance, I sure as heck am never the one that says, “wow, I can’t wait to…. wait”. However, waiting can look very different depending on the situation. Waiting on anything can be hard, uncomfortable, irritating, or even, painful. The process in which we do … More Waiting