Am I Gifted?

Growing up in an environment that familiarized the Gospel to me was a huge blessing but also came with a great opportunity to become complacent. I don’t regret a single second of being enrolled in a Christian elementary, middle, and high school; however, I regret the times I took it for granted. The Lord graciously opened up a door for me as I chose to further my education at a Christian University. In my time here, I have discovered more than than ever how deep my need is for Christ. It’s so easy for me to sit in my classes and even convocation and disregard the simple, but important principles of faith, because I’ve simply become accustomed to them. I’ve also experienced times of frustration as I had to learn that it is OK that not everyone has the same language for Jesus that I do. I had to learn to turn my head when I found myself getting discouraged when I saw people who wore their “talent” rather than embodied it. I found myself believing the lie that I wasn’t gifted just because it didn’t look like an outward action like a lot of the people at Liberty. I can’t draw, sing, or play a sport amazingly well, so I started to believe that I didn’t have a “gift” and that I wasn’t gifted. But.. (there’s always a but when you turn from believing lies to hearing truth). I sat in my Evangelism class and actually chose to listen and accept the fact that just because I’d sat in a classroom similar to the one I was in for the past 10 years, didn’t mean I was an exception. I heard from God very clearly yesterday afternoon. We were discussing spiritual gifts. Up until this point, I knew that I felt things very strongly for others and had a very empathetic heart, so naturally, I said empathy was my spiritual gift. I pinned myself to that and actually, limited myself as I look back on it. As my professor went through the gifts, I felt my heart move in correspondence to all but one. I realized that I had access to all of these “gifts” because of Jesus and that I was more than gifted, not because of me, but Him. I remembered that when I make a conscious choice to tap into what He has offered me, I am the best version of myself. A heart that works for Him and a life that models what He died for is everything I want. If the only gifts I ever have are those that benefit the kingdom, that’s more than I could ever ask for. I love how Jesus reveals Himself when we least expect it and when we need it most. So here’s to Jesus and believing truth over lies.

This was a great reminder that when I said “yes” to Jesus, I gained the ability and strength through Him to say “no” to the enemy and anything the world throws at me.

“God says that you are created in God’s image, purchased by His death, and restored by His resurrection. THIS is what makes you valuable. In God’s heart, you ARE valuable.

When you replace old lies with God’s truth you better see what is presently real for you.

We currently are in complete possession of the gifts of the spirit and the fruit of the Spirit, we just have to unpack and strip off all of the old lies that keep us from believing and living as if these are true.”


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