Ears to Hear.

Think about the last time you gave up on something or said, “I can’t do this”, whether it was expressed verbally or nonverbally.

Why do we feel like we have to give up or that we can not do things?

Well for me it is usually because at some point I allowed the enemy to creep in and fill my mind.

I always wonder why we allow someone who ultimately has no power in our lives to distort, deceive, and destroy things for us.

For example, have you ever looked back on something really good in your life and realized that you never even got to enjoy it because you allowed satan to fill your mind with doubts. You may have thought “I am not good enough for this” or “this is too good to be true”, instead of receiving the blessing that the Lord gave you.

I know I have.

We allow satan access to the things that we hold closest to us when we stop letting Jesus lead and we try to do it ourselves.

This is something that I do all the time and I believe that the body of Christ struggles with this as a whole.

We are most vulnerable and prone to be deceived when our eyes wander on anything other than Jesus.

However, when we are persistently guarding our hearts and choose to have tunnel vision for Jesus, there is not a chance that satan will be able to distort, deceive, or destroy things for us . We are called to an eyes above the ground, abundantly full life. When we said yes to Jesus, we agreed to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, no longer shuffling along being absorbed by what’s going on around us, but seeing things from His perspective.


When we allow Jesus to lead us and we willingly respond in obedience, there is great reward to follow. We are not called to obey anyone but the One who gave us life. I believe that we are doing ourselves a huge disservice when we have ears to hear anyone but Him. It is extremely difficult to live a life walking in the freedom of Christ if we allow satan to have a say on where we are stepping.

“How do I know when it’s God speaking or satan telling me lies?”

All throughout scripture the characteristics of Christ are clearly written. We do not serve a man who hides. He allows us to know Him and He constantly reassures us of who He is. This is helpful because whenever I begin to allow satan to creep into my mind, I have to consciously choose to think about who Jesus is and what He has promised me. I am able to know the difference between the thoughts Jesus places in my head and the deceptive doubts satan tries to cram in there because Jesus isn’t cruel, deceiving, discouraging, judgmental… He is only kind.

Now I don’t know who is reading this or if anyone is at all but I do know that if you are struggling and feel like there isn’t an answer to the chaos that surrounds you, just know.. there is an easy fix, and His name is Jesus. The bearer of all love, all truth, and all good things. He has written you and I the greatest love story of all time and He didn’t allow satan to narrate any of it, so neither should you and I.

//There is no good thing apart from Him//

Scripture for the Week

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18img_2734(I chose this picture because in this moment, I knew Jesus had me where I was supposed to be and there was nothing satan could do to make me think differently. Shoutout to Devin and Meghan for making me laugh and making me feel extremely loved this night.)


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