Okay, seriously, is there anyone who actually enjoys waiting? In any circumstance, I sure as heck am never the one that says, “wow, I can’t wait to…. wait”.

However, waiting can look very different depending on the situation. Waiting on anything can be hard, uncomfortable, irritating, or even, painful. The process in which we do this must be simplified down to trust. But what does that look like? That looks like being bold and deciding to put Jesus’ desires and needs before your own. What a gift it is to trust in the Savior of the world, why shouldn’t we grab hold of it and never turn back?

Waiting for anything requires patience, trust, and calls you into deeper areas of your faith that you’re not used to adventuring in. Instead of being scared of how messy this can potentially be, let’s step into boldness and just do it. If we trust in Jesus as much as we say we do, it shouldn’t be so hard to step into what He so freely offers us.

But this is where it gets messy. When you’re waiting on another person, it is easy to allow your emotions or happiness to ride on their actions, words, and timing. This can potentially be very dangerous if your roots aren’t strong and if you’re unsure of your identity without them. This is why we must be so cautious of how much of our hearts we allow other people to occupy. I believe that healthy relationships are ordained by Jesus and anything that is causing your heart to be damaged, is not a good thing or a God thing. When our minds are occupied with people and how they can make our hearts satisfied more than we are thinking of how we can serve them, there is a problem. As Rich Wilkerson said in his book, Sandcastle Kings, “a good thing can become a bad thing when you make it the foundational thing.” And realistically, it’s true. If our foundation isn’t Jesus, we are destined to fail, time and time again. If our minds aren’t full of Jesus’ wishes more than our own, we again, have a problem. Choosing to fight against making others your foundation is difficult, but rewarding. Especially in our culture and “generation”, almost everything we do is placed under a statistic, stereotype, or expectation. But I refuse to believe that we have to be apart of that. In all situations, we get to choose. Literally, in every situation, even the silly ones. Happiness or sadness, coffee or tea, ignorance or maturity, walking to the left or to the right, choosing to speak life or speak death over one another, all different, but true. With that being said I don’t believe that we have to place ourselves under the category of “this generation”. As a believer, I feel called to fight that label and walk on the pathway that has Jesus at the end of it. Because at the end of the day, choosing to trust Jesus >.


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